Monday, November 22, 2010

Seriously? Sleepover HELL.

OK... So a slumber party for her 10th bday party was not my brightest moment. I'll take that one. We had a complete blast doing the scavenger hunt at the local mall, that was really fun. But 9 girls (that's including my sassy lou) coming over to spend the night after the party - NOT SO MUCH. So first, the scavenger hunt... Thank you so much Danielle - for helping me wrangle the girls at the mall - that was great of you and I couldn't have done it without you! I really, really appreciate it! ;) So, the scavenger hunt list had 40 items on it and we had a 1 hour time limit - there were all kinds of items on the list from things like a shopping bag with handles to taking a video of the entire team playing duck, duck, goose in the mall. Some of my other favorites were:
  • A photo of all of the team members washing their hands in the sink at the same time.
  • A photo of all of the team members riding a kiddie ride - all at once.
  • A video of the team singing "the barney song" in front of Abercombie and Fitch.
  • A photo of the team standing like mannequins in a store window.
  • A photo of the team sleeping on a mall bench.
  • A photo of the entire team wearing a feather boa.
  • A photo of the entire team wearing ugly hats.

After the scavenger hunt, we came back to the house and all of the girls made their own personal pan pizzas with whatever toppings they wanted... that's when it all started to go downhill. I think there was just too much ... "downtime"?? I dunno - 9 preteen/teen girls in one house is just too much. "She looked at me funny", "She won't give me the blue candy", "She said she won't be my friend anymore!" WOW. I mean, seriously - there were no major fights or anything - just all these little things going on. AND, I think the worst offender was probably my very own sassy lou. YEP. nice. I just poured another glass of wine - what's a mom to do? :) sigh. That'll be the last big sleepover for a long time, i'll tell you that much. In anycase, I survived to tell about it, and be a warning to other moms out there who may be thinking about doing this - SEND THEM HOME! Please, heed my advice. hahh!

Hope y'all are having a happy Monday!

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